Skywatch Xplorer 4 Handheld Anemometer

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Skywatch Xplorer 4 Anemo-Thermometer inc Electronic Compass & Pressure/Altitude

The Skywatch Xplorer 4 Anemo-Thermometer is a handheld wind meter that is ideal for all kinds of of outdoor sports and activities.

It incorporates six different meteorological measures, which include: Windspeed, Temperature, Windchill factor, Digital compass, Altitude and Barometric air pressure. The purpose of this item means that it is constantly exposed to the elements, therefore this device is highly durable and waterproof to ensure a long life.

This portable wind speed meter offers unparalleled accuracy at an affordable price. The anemometer is intended for both professional and consumer use, therefore it is easy to use and displays data in a clear and concise way. To obtain a reading, you simply hold the unit up to the wind. The anemometers display also features a backlight, which is particularly useful in low-light conditions.

The Skywatch Xplorer 4 Anemo-Thermometer is packed with the most popular features essential for monitoring the environment.


  • Backlight
  • Weatherproof
  • Replaceable lithium battery
  • Auto-off after 1 minute

9 Modes

  • Instant windspeed measurement with max speed reached displayed
  • Instant windspeed measurement with current temperature displayed
  • Instant windspeed measurement with wind chill factor displayed
  • Instant windspeed measurement with compass in degree
  • Instant windspeed measurement with altitude dispayed
  • Instant windspeed measurement with relative pressure (QNH) or absolute pressure (QFE)
  • History of pressure (tendencies)
  • History of relative pressure (QNH)
  • History of absolute pressure (QFE)


  • Altitude:
  • Units: m, ft
  • Resolution: 1 m, 3 ft
  • Precison: ±10 m
  • Measuring range: -700 to +9000 m
  • Absolute and Relative Pressure:
  • Units: hPa, inHg
  • Precision: ±1 hPa
  • Recording modes:
  • Displayed under different forms, one of the 48 pressure measurements stored each hou
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