How to apply PTFE Gland Packing to a Propeller Shaft
Fitting Instructions

  1. Remove old packing with suitable tool or piece of wire but be carful not to scratch the shaft. Examine the shaft for signs of damage and check that it is not bent.
  1. Then wind the packing round a tube or bar the same diameter. Cut through each coil of the packing (some fitters prefer to cut each coil at 45°) then place the rings round the shaft, one at a time and push them down into the housing. Do not position the joins together, but place each join about a third of a turn around the shaft. Use some gland grease as you re-fit. This will prolong the packing.
  1. When the gland is comfortably full of packing, screw the nut down, but NOT TOO TIGHT! You can put enormous pressure on the shaft and cause it to burn. It is better to allow it to drip a little and to tighten it a quarter turn at a time until the drip stops.

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